Trade it or keep it?
The Smart Money is on Quality Maintenance and Repair

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People get emotional about their buying decisions, and the folks who sell cars know it. At RT Clapp, we can't offer much of an emotional argument for what we do, except to remind you that maintaining a SAFE vehicle protects your family and is also a rational decision.

So allow us to expand on the rational argument:

Maintaining and repairing your vehicle instead of replacing it is usually your most economical choice.

Click on the pie chart and take a look at the numbers. The largest expense in operating a typical vehicle is depreciation. Yet the longer you keep a vehicle, the less depreciation plays a factor. In other words, when a vehicle is paid for, depreciation is nearly nothing.

That leads us to the next point.

For the average U.S. passenger vehicle, the cost of a car loan is around 10% of the annual operating cost. Want to reduce a major expense by 10%? Just keep your vehicle for a few years after you make the final payment.

A well-maintained vehicle with repairs made when they are needed provides you and your family safe, dependable and economical transportation.

A proposed expensive repair may lead a customer to look for another vehicle, but getting the repair often costs thousands of dollars less than replacing the vehicle.

We can help you lower your transportation costs. And to keep you from falling victim to the car dealer's emotional appeal, just ask and we'll spray a little "new car smell" air freshener in your vehicle.

Source for data: AAA 2016 "Your Driving Costs"




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